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  • Izmenjeno:24-11-2023
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Rosemary , Nezavisni model.

Poslednje viđeno: 2023-12-01 03:46:33

Being highly educated, you will find I am both mentally stimulating and possess a sense of humor yet I’m extremly picky when it comes to choosing who I spend my time with and hope you are the same. I deny dates more often then you think… I’m a low volume companion and am seeking to meet gentleman who prefer extended engangements and repeat rendezvous as this allows us to truly get to know one another. However, don’t be fooled by my innocent looks, you’ll immediately find out I’m Extremely sexy, Adventurous, Spicy and Dominant if you want that side of me. I’m very well-traveled and based on my experiences, I feel very grateful that I’m able to understand different cultures and why people from different cultural backgrounds behave and think differently. I enjoy connecting with people on a genuine, heart-to-heart level and am a very good listener. I’ve always had a very good ability to read people, which allows me to know what they need without being told. It’s really hard to find someone who can give you genuine heart-to-heart companionship and always can read what you really want. Luckily, this is just what I do best! There’s just no boring routine between us. I fully understand that your success and super busy schedule make you feel a strong need of companionship and from the moment we meet, you will know that you can count on me to always feel what you want and indulge you in seduction, desire, satisfaction, pleasure, relaxation and respect all at the same time. So what do you say? Sha’ll we get acquainted over a glass or two of wine? Video Verification thru snapchat 


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  • 24/7
  • Pol:Žensko
  • Seksualna orjentacija:Biseksualan
  • Godina:25
  • Lokacija:
  • Oči:Smeđe
  • Kosa:Braon
  • sise:CPrirodne sise
  • Stidne dlake:Skoro obrijano
  • Dolazak:Hotelska soba
  • Odlazak:Hotelske & Kućne posete
  • Jezik:Engleski 
  • Španski 
  • Etnička pripadnost:Latinac
  • Nacionalnost:Špansko
  • Visina:162 cm / 5'4"
  • Težina:51 kg (112.44 lb)
  • Pijenje:Ponekad
  • Tetovaže:Da
  • Pirsing:Ne
  • Ja sam fetiš:Da
  • Sastanak sa: Dostupno za muskarce
    Dostupno za žene
    Dostupano za parove


1 sat
650 USD 
1.5 sat
900 USD 
2 sat
1300 USD 
3 sat
1950 USD 
12 sat
5000 USD 
24 sat
7000 USD 
Dodatni dan (24h)
5000 USD 
Preko Noći
3000 USD 



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Komentari (2)


2023-05-26 22:45:13

Just a fabulously delicious experience...😍😍😀

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2022-11-28 18:10:19

very good girl had a good time

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Rosemary : Thank you ???? for the kindness

Rosemary : Thank you ???? for the kindness

Rosemary : Thank you ???? for the kindness

Rosemary : Thank you ???? for the kindness